Habits > Motivation

Habits > Motivation

I don’t like motivational speakers. All they do is tell you all the things you achieve, you’re stronger than you think, you have great potential and everything is possible. They just tell you things you want to hear and I’m not sure if they realize but they’re describing Superman or at least, comparing you to that kind of potential for doing.

So what happens really? you get all pumped up after watching a motivational video on YouTube about fitness or career, or attend a motivational seminar where the guy tells you everything that went wrong with him and how we got over that tragedy and is now a super successful guy and how can you become the same if you sign-up to his 2 months charge up program.

But basically, after getting all motivated you seek to push for your goal with full pace and energy because you’re Superman as the guy told you and do whatever it takes for… 3 DAYS!

After 3-5 days or even less, the motivation just vanishes like logic from Salman Khan movies, poof!

What does this happen? because motivation is temporary. Its like that temporary adrenaline rush you get on a roller coaster ride but it doesn’t last long, or if you try to force it longer you’ll puke. To make it worse, motivation gives us a false hope of security. It makes us think that we’re capable of anything and everything, which is a stupid way to think about things.

That’s where habits comes into play, Yeaaah!

Habits are your systematic daily programs that repeat over and over again at a point where it just feels natural. The habit of eating right, the habit of organizing things, the habit of researching and the habit of executing in a systematic manner will help you reach your goals faster than being temporarily motivated. You need to have a map, a plan, a strategy and a scope for failure when you’re moving towards your target, that’s how you achieve it. I’ve achieved very few things in life (more to come hopefully) but I can tell none of those things were achieved with isolated motivation.

But you may argue why motivation exists anyway Shivam? I’m glad you asked. Motivation surely helps you ‘DO’ things, it MOTIVATES you to do an action. Have proper organized execution strategy will make you think and execute clearly, eventually inspiring you to keep doing it and hence, motivating you to continue. Inspiration and motivation goes hand it hand, learn more about it at How to Maintain Motivation

Ready, Aim, Execute!

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