How to Maintain Motivation

How to Maintain Motivation

You watched a YouTube video of a guy slaying on Omegle making people go WOW using his guitar playing skills and you’re thinking to yourself “Hey I wouldn’t mind that kind of attention and affection” and the next thing you do is search for easy guitar tutorials and now all pumped up and motivated to start learning the 6 string.

The problem is though, after a couple of days of constant practicing and bruising your fingers trying to press the fret the right away, you’re now in between do or not to do situation because now the frustration of not being able to play professionally right away makes you think maybe its not what you were born for. Your fingers would give you all the reason to stop practicing and killing neighborhood cats with your terrible sound.

And that is when, you’d be like, “Screw this, I’m watching something else on Netflix”.

Let me throw some psychological stuff at you. There are two things working here, gratification and hunger, together and separately.

Gratification as in instant satisfaction to your expectation with whatever you want to do and not enough hunger to achieve what you expected to become. If we join these two, it just becomes hunger for gratification and nothing else.

See it for yourself, you only wanted to have the gratification that it gives by playing guitar awesomely in front of some chicks that would go crazy but you didn’t want the troubles, challenges, practicing and frustration that comes with it to reach there. Result? failure!

The harsh truth is, you’re never going to be constantly motivated about something. Life sucks and it comes with problems. You just have to CHOOSE your problems in life. By choosing to learn to play guitar, your choose another set of problems which is practicing, being consistent and learn. The problems never end, they just get changed or upgraded to the business class. To buy a house, you have to deal with the money saving problem, to be in a relationship, you have to deal with the problems that comes in the form of responsibilities. The list goes on…

For me to start writing these articles on a daily basis, I had to deal with the problem of procrastination, idea generation and taking out shit load of time to actually write something. Now it might make sense to some people and call for bullshit to some other group, do I give a fuck? Nope!

So There you have it, In order to maintain motivation about something, force yourself to do it. Once you start doing it, you’ll realize its not so bad that you though it would be and it will just open doors to creative things that will motivate you to do it ever further. Let me be a mathematician for a second.

Motivation = Be inspired with something = Do it = doing it inspires you further = Do it even more (Loop)

In short, motivation feeds itself if you’re consistent and to be consistent, you have to face challenges and problems.

Choose your problems in life.


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