Don’t Let Schools Destroy your Education

Don’t Let Schools Destroy your Education

Remember in school the teachers used to make us write essays about a particular topic? The longer the essay the more it was appreciated. Back then quantity mattered more than quality. The more grades the better, the more pages in your answer-sheet the better, the more you could speak and write the more it improved you as a student.

But that concept falls upside down when you’re pitching yourself to an employer for the job you’ve been hunting for days and he asks you that one golden question, “Tell me about yourself in one sentence”. The question is wrong in itself but that’s a topic for some other day. I’ve wrote a quick about interviews and hiring system in this article. The interesting thing for now is that people in their adulthood especially if you’re in corporate, have less time to spend and lesser shits to give. They want quality stuff which serves the purpose.

Everything nowadays revolves around quality and short pitching. Not a lot of people want to read your long ad copy, they want short on point sales copy. Not a lot of people enjoy 1 hour long videos nowadays unless its really interesting. They’d rather watch Instagram reels for an hour.

So if we’re suppose to deliver speed and quality, why are we made competitive and non-creative in school? The reason is being a part of a bulk group. Being in school makes you similar to your classmates. You haven’t acquired a lot of skills yet. You’re still learning and the only way to compare your learning is to put you in a grading system. Because ART cannot be graded. And that’s why if you’re in your 20’s and studying in school or a college, try to be creative, try to create art, be an artist. DO NOT chase numbers.


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