Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Its rather a question I’m still finding an answer for. Being in India all my life, I’ve always found it funny that Indian companies usually have all these recruitment rounds where you have to clear a level to reach a next level and eventually getting placed if you’re luck or skilled enough or have direct contacts with the owner (yes).

The recruitment system is so screwed in India (that’s my opinion at the moment subject to change in the future) that you can tell by looking at so many recruitment training institutes charging you money just to get you placed (what?). They’ll make sure you dress right, say the right things to your interviewer, answer their questions as Socrates once did and basically say yes to all of their conditions and congratulations! you now have a job! that would be 50k, here’s our IFSC code.

The recruitment process starts with listing job offers on job boards waiting for plenty of cog applications to land in. Then HR would just sort the resumes in bulk (Just based on their skills on the paper) and schedule interviews. During the interview, you’re supposed to be shitting your pants nervous because that’s how the culture is, the interviewer is God. If you don’t burst into tears and screened to be a useable robot, you may be shifted further in the chain of hiring.

There’s just so much wrong about it, first and I’m not sure for what reason, we’re still using paper based resumes to apply for jobs. Just how can you sum yourself up on a couple of pages. How would you convey what you can bring on the table with text which may not have emotion because it has to be written a certain way?

A lot of countries are already adopting to video resumes but that’s just the first step. The whole recruitment process needs to be redesigned. It needs to be more qualitative than quantitative and that’s going to take heck load of time but its going to happen. All applicants should have equal opportunity to showcase their emotional labor and dedication for a job offering more than just skills and software they can handle on a desk job. Employers need to be more attentive and observing rather than following a basic system of hiring.

Eventually but surely, the recruitment process in general is going to make a paradigm shift, making applicants more confident, picky, on point, well articulated, reasonable while making the employers more forgiving, attentive, selective, strategic and creative. The tools needed are just being made.

Artwork: https://dribbble.com/shots/14511603-Desk-work

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