You Cannot NOT Offend Anyone!

In order to think properly, you have to risk offending someone that it concerns to. People often say
that you can’t say something or act like something that might offend an individual or a group of
individuals. But what exactly is the appropriate way of behaving or speaking? What should we treat
as an ideal way of articulation?

Based on our past data, history as we like to call it, we are often made to act or speak a certain way
that other people FIND appropriate or comfortable. That specifically doesn’t apply to the most
optimistic way. After all the roots of these ideologies is based on pure myths and what people
thought was appropriate in the past.

Coming back to today, I might make sure that I don’t offend anyone in a one on one conversation.
But what if I’m speaking to room of 10 people? Do I get to offend someone then? What about a
room full of 100 people or 1000 people? It’s highly unlikely that whatever the heck I utter will not
offend anyone. Most probably I’d leave the room after offending a few people that don’t agree with

In a nutshell, you never know how someone is going to react to something that you say or act, so
why do you give so much faith into thinking that we might not offend anyone as we speak or we’re
required to act a certain way just to make someone happy. As the great saying goes, “You can’t
make everyone happy”.

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