Why Women are Different From Men

Why Women are Different From Men

We’ve come a long way in terms of evolution. Even the simplest form of reproduction was just cloning as per the evidence after the big bang. Atoms cloned themselves to form atoms, microorganisms also used cloning like Amoeba. A very long journey of reproduction as we know it today.

In the current world scenario where we’ve developed ethical thinking, complex actions and technical advancement, we still carry biological values and behavioral patterns from our ancestors.

Many people believe the two sexes (male and female in general with respect to all other sexes) are created equal and they’re not majorly wrong. If not biologically, Men and women needs to be equal on rights, assigned privilege and opportunities. But its fair to argue that men and women are not different but special in their own way.

Like I said before, if a person where to just clone himself/herself as a part of reproduction, they’ll create a mini version of themselves that is completely identical to them. The offspring will then have the same arrogance, smartness or stupidity similar to its parent, which closes doors to evolution and advancement (or catastrophe). Its only if an hybrid offspring is created by two individual different from each other that the offspring would have mixed qualities and traits that will be used for survival, destruction and improvement.

Men and women are biologically and psychologically made different to create balance. Taking an example of the modern world, Men are more interested in THINGS and women are more interested in PEOPLE. To be a good engineer, you have to be extremely interested in things, and that’s why more people that are engineers are men. To be good at nursing, you have to be really interested in people and that’s why more people that are nurses are women.

With the current debates around the world for women rights, feminism or patriarchy, why can’t we create a world with less templates on how to live and behave for certain/all genders and provide equal opportunities without expecting how individuals manifest those opportunities subjectively?

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