Why Are We So Resentful?

Why Are We So Resentful?

How many times have you yelled this sentence “WHY ME?” in pain, anger or grief? Why do we now and then have the feeling that we’re being treated unfairly and injustice is happening to us? You as a top notch healthy person looking consciously after your health and habits and you suddenly get cancer. There’s no other options but to be resentful about the fact that despite all the efforts and care taken to avoid such problems, it sneaked in somehow. While most of the other people smoking and torturing their body are going on happy with their lives. Why did it only happen to you? why is life so unfair?

Conceptualizing life as nature, the beautiful greens, the mountains, the valleys and the oceans. As beautiful as it gets, is filled with predators and monsters who don’t think twice before eating you alive. The tigers, the sharks and starvation are just a few elements on the chaotic side of the spectrum. Still we get ourselves out there to enjoy and admire what nature has to offer. When we face challenges and life feels uneasy, we usually play the blame game and become resentful.

You perceive resentment, not because life treated you unfairly. But because you’re afraid of what’s going to unfold and manifest itself and you’re not ready to face it. So you’d rather blame yourself, people around you, your luck, your situation or God. But yes, when you’re frustrated and things doesn’t go your way, it makes sense to be angry and resentful about it.

One way to help it though, is to reduce the roots of the problems. There are certain problems that are not in your control because life is unfair. But there are certain decisions that you made in the past that delivered you to this very situation, and if it is in your control, you can act on it. For instance, getting cancer might not be in your control, but what you do to live with it and if possible live happily is under your control. You being a procrastinator never got anything done and that led you to depression, you may not fix depression, but you can take the first step to create a consistent scheduled plan for self development and it might fix depression indirectly.

What I’ve noticed is life gives you situations and problems to solve, and you could either be ethical or resentful about it. The choice is yours.

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