What To Do When Internet Stops Working

What To Do When Internet Stops Working

So you’ve written everything on your to-do list, got your morning coffee and all set to start your desk job, or you could be one of those people who commute short distances to teach dance, or one of those students who has a whole day ahead of them of lectures. Whoever you are, what do you do when you get a break.

Working on your desk job and the internet stops working or you’ve got a couple of lectures off and have nowhere else to go. Most of us would just take out their phones and start scrolling through Instagram if you’re fortunate enough to have mobile data and try to kill time as things go back on schedule.

But what if a green tiger appears (yes a green tiger) and takes your phone away from you, grabs you by the leg and puts you in a room full of silence?

What’s your plan to do then?

Don’t think it happens? have you heard of the word bored?

We as humans, constantly have to stimulate ourselves gratification and engagement to keep our mind busy and distracted so we don’t get bored. But why getting bored is so underrated anyway?

What was the last time you were waiting for someone at a cafeteria just looking out on the street without taking your phone out? that’s right 1920.

The thing is, We don’t want our mind to START thinking. We want it to be continuously be stimulated so we don’t have to think about our PROBLEMS.

The moment you’re closed in a silent room with nothing to do, after 30 mins of thinking why you’re here, you’d starting thinking “What If”. That ‘What if’ is the real questions we should be asking ourselves while most of the times we just tell ourselves ‘fuck it’ and start using our phone or watching tv.

Let me repeat this, Being Bored Is Not BAD! being without stimulus gives you the time to think, reduce thoughts, put them into perspective, come up with ideas, articulate how you feel, make decisions, make plans, create new possibilities, change your views and the list goes on.

So maybe the next time you have time to kill, just try sitting silently and hear yourself.

Artwork: https://dribbble.com/shots/7739432-Cycling-Bored-Panda

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