What blog posts are for?

I’ve mainly used my blogs to articulate what I think during that particular thought circle of canvases or new things that I’ve learned within that period. I’ve been absent lately and I consider that as a gap of self learning and realization.

Most importantly I want to get into the habit of writing consistently as it helps me clarify my thought process, get thoughts into action and put things in perspective. This blog is not intended to be marketed or to put value in people’s lives ‘for now’. But soon enough I want to sharpen the skill of writing and present the content/value/preposition/skillset in front of targeted audience through permission marketing. So if you’re reading this now, It kickstarts the writing process of Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions, Ethics and Rants.

Now straight to the rant!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because in order for your ideal prospect to take action on your ad about selling smoker kits that puts smoke on alcoholic drinks, they need to know that you’re in the right business and the gimmick that you’re selling is something that will make them feel better. THAT goes back into the thinking of saying, just for giggles, let me try to run ads that actually educate, questions and build curiosity amongst my targeted peers instead of pushing the 90% off pricing down their throat. A new culture of permission marketing is coming and before you know it, stories would sell better than discounts.


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