What Are You Grateful For?

What Are You Grateful For?

Life is a fucking rollercoaster. You never know what good/bad news is lingering around the corner. You can plan for it and prepare for it but never ever foresee it happening (unless you have the time machine). We as individuals are constantly grinded regretting the past and worrying about the future and in some instances, it helps. Because you have to be a man with a plan. But you might be in a situation in your life where you don’t like yourself, your job, people around you or the world and have little to no inspiration of moving forward or try new things.

One of the biggest mistakes I made for the past few years was to assume everyone I know has sorted their life very well, they’re in a better place in their career, relationships and life in general and I’m the only one who’s living on the edge. I’m the only one who has no plan, no strategy, no hopes and no trajectory for my future. It’s only after getting to know people, taking interest in others and socializing, that I realized that no one knows what they’re doing in life. No one’s there yet where they want to be and even if they’re where they wanted, now they want something else.

The point that I want to make is that its okeh to not have a plan, Its okeh to feel anxious, worried, sad, disappointed about yourself and your future. No matter what happens in life, it goes on and you have to find the new good reason to keep pushing. Once of which is being grateful about what you have NOW.

Be grateful for your privilege, health, friends, shelter, dreams and hope. Try to think of something that you’re grateful for no matter the situation that you’re in, as this will give you a sense of security and accomplishment. It will make you feel valued and important. And once your self esteem is corrected, you can take up on new challenges, because that’s what we’re into, choose better problems on a daily basis.

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