We’re in an RPG

We’re in an RPG

Since birth, we constantly choose from various alternatives to go ahead with our day and time. From choosing a colorful pacifier over a boring one, risking our tiny body to grab the crib trying to get out of it, choosing to give a fuck about your parents playing peek-a-boo or just cry your ass off endlessly.

Fast forward to few years, we’re choosing our toys, school, friends to be with, friends to hate, things to like, things to love that describes you and shapes you as a person. That superhero backup that made you look cool, all because you ‘believed’ it looked cool.

Skipping a few more years and our decision making has finally compounded into rational understanding of the world and choosing accordingly. We want to make helpful decisions (not smart) for our life. This includes career, relationships, health and so on. Experience has given us enough wisdom to evaluate each choice and formulate accordingly.

Everything that we are today are because of our decisions in the past, taking future into consideration. Its funny how the three tenses are linked together in decision making. The mistakes we make in the past help us exclude unfavorable options from our choices, thus making us a better decision maker.

We almost always represent our decisions as a personality, just like a Role Playing Game. Your character (you) is merely the articulation of all the events in your life compounded together. Does it have a purpose? I don’t know, I don’t think so.

What I did realize is that we always have options in life no matter what you do. YOU ARE NEVER OPTIONLESS. What you choose to do within those options though, is a different story. It changes the game, it changes the flow and it changes the mechanism of life with every move and its better to move forward with scars on your face than to quit at ease.

Artwork: https://dribbble.com/shots/5019367-Ramza-Beoulve

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