People are Grey

People are Grey

Who do you think buys the most lottery tickets in the world, is it the riches? or the mathematicians who’ve done enough calculations about the lottery algorithms that it would sky rocket their fortune in no time? It might come as a surprise to you but the most lottery tickets are bought by the people who can’t even afford lottery tickets.


Poor and middle class people buy the most lottery tickets because its their only chance to hit a jackpot. They’re quite positive about the odds while merely focusing on the negative aspect of this tricky business which more than often results in failure. They still do it. Its an unique conundrum in itself.

They buy tickets because of the stories they tell themselves. What if I hit a jackpot and I can finally poop gold, what if I hit a jackpot and have all the money I ever wanted to live like a spoiled rich bastard and you know what? they aren’t wrong, because they BELIEVE in it.

Similarly, we’re the stories we tell ourselves and about other people. Our minds like to keep memories as stories and its better for it to construct stories if they don’t exist.

Let me explain: You’re watching news and someone is in the headline for allegedly hitting his wife. Right away, you categorize that person as a terrible person for hitting his wife. You can be right, but you don’t wait for the conclusion, you don’t wait for the investigation, you just see a victim and an abuser and you’re on the victim’s side because YOU are a good human being and accordingly to YOU its wrong.

Your mind stores an opinion about everyone and it does it very mischievously. It doesn’t like the word maybe, it likes it to be either this or that, good or bad, nice or shit, guilty or not guilty, black or white. And because our mind spends more time to conclude than to evaluate, we make opinions.

But people aren’t always as you think they are, people are not black or white, they’re grey. Every person is grey in terms of communication, behavior, emotion and judgement. We can never know a person in a way everybody knows him, and that is fine. The point of this discussion is to treat people to be neutral, don’t judge people and establish opinions. Leave some room for updates and see what happens.

People are grey.


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