Note to Self

Note to Self

This is supposed to be the first post. Does this needs to be perfect? Heck no, let this post be a reminder to why I started articulating my insights and beginning to write stuff.

Let’s make some ground rules, these are the things you have to keep reminding yourself when you’re stuck or out of ideas or out of inspiration or just just having a brain fart.

  1. Consistency: Remember why you started in the first place. Did you start a blog to showcase your insights? did you start a project to implement a new idea? Did you start a business to see how well it goes? Whatever the case maybe, let’s just promise ourselves to be consistent with whatever the hell we do. That means to dispense ourselves to challenges on a daily basis.
  2. Whatever it takes: Write it on a paper, soak it in water and eat it (Metaphorically). Snooze your lizard brain (A reference to Seth Godin, I’ll talk a lot about him later) and force yourself to do what it takes to finish the task, there’s absolutely no other way.
  3. Choose your problems: Not having something to write daily is a problem, not writing daily is also a problem. Choose what problem you’d rather force yourself to solve, what solution would make the most sense. Digging in for ideas and coming up with something to write might save the day or you could just say “Screw it! I’m watching Youtube Today”. Think what problems makes the most sense taking up on. CHOSE YOUR PROBLEMS!
  4. Ship Ship Ship: Delivery is the most important part, maybe that’s why I’ve started this blog half assed which I believe is good enough to start. The perks? I’ve got enough tools to start writing on a daily basis… The downs? Maybe I can improve the design and what not later on. The point is, Stop perfecting everything before it dispatches, 70% is good enough. Choose what is good enough for you to release and as Nike puts it, “JUST DO IT!”

With that said, these are the things I’ve to keep reminding myself (for now) and you have to keep reminding yourself (yes you, the reader!) because we’re in this together. Let’s just follow this ground rules and create some magic with our next video, next project, next idea, next article, next book, next hobby, next opportunity and next day!

Let’s figure out life together 🙂


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