Lights… Camera… Action!

Lights… Camera… Action!

We come across interesting and inspiring stuff all the time. A great way to start a keto diet or 5 ways to increase your productivity. Which all looks appealing and interesting and we tell ourselves “I should apply that to my daily life too!” and then we NEVER DO!

We don’t actually commit to doing it, we just say “It will be nice to have that thing in my life, but now is not the right time, but I’ll soon do it. The word ‘ACTION’ could come to you with different meanings. Action is when a director asks the actors to start action while the camera rolls. Or it could be an intense fighting scene in a movie which we call action. Whatever the case maybe, action is to ‘ACT’ upon on something.

The idea of action is not to fake anything, but to act like you’re doing it. How will you start reading books without books? If you want to start reading at least have a book with you all the time so you can see which time fits best for you to read. This way you’re at least taking the first step towards daily reading. A lot of such things go in the back burner because we either procrastinate or promise ourselves to do it later, although if it’s something beneficial to us now.

A simple habit would be to TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY. See an interesting diet video? Try following it, see what happen in a week or a month. Want to start a new business? Start taking baby steps to at least initiate the process. Because ACTION drives PROGRESS and progress drives RESULTS and results drive MOTIVATION to achieve further.


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