Less is More!

Less is More!

We’ve all came across the phrase “less is more” and we understand it from many standpoints. Like subtle clothes are the best, less clutter is more productivity and so on. But why doesn’t it apply to so many things? To throw a few examples, less exercise is not more fitness, less work is not more work, lesser the confidence is not more progress.

I think this phrase applies to simplicity and the container of information that needs to be articulated in a way which is suppose to deliver a purpose to someone who’s consuming the information. Like less clutter on my work bench would make me focus better as I’m consuming the visual aspects of the bench along with the organizational aspects to complete my tasks. So it’s directly connected.

One of the major roles of that phrase comes into product designing and delivery. If you have a new idea and what to convert that into a product that will solve a solution, chances are you’re thinking of putting features that you’re competitors does not have that will make your product stand out and be different, hence expecting to see attention from people in that industry. But if you outrun your competitors, you’re just improving on their idea (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but you’re not solely solving a précised problem.

Often, having two many features in a product is thought to serve convenience and ease of access but it actually makes it bulky, confusing and hard too use. That’s too many moving parts. Focus on ONE PROBLEM ONE SOLUTION. If you see a problem and have a solution for that problem that could be monetized through a product, KEEP IT SIMPLE. People out there (Most of them) aren’t looking for 100’s of ways the can solve the problem and do different things. They want simple things that can make their lives easier. And that’s what you have to deliver with your product.

Next time you’re brainstorming an idea, make sure you keep it minimal. The less the clutter, less the problems, less development time, better quality and happy customers. You can always improve later.

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