Have Fun The Hard Way

Have Fun The Hard Way

What was the last time you tucked yourself under the covers on a weekend and binge watched a complete TV series in one go? Did you feel a little bit guilty at the end of the day that you wasted so much time that could’ve been invested somewhere productive?

We all have guilty pleasures and like to do things we’re not proud of but feel guilty after doing it when the time is wasted. We know that we feel sad or unaccomplished, but how do we determine how to feel happy? for example, you know watching tv makes you happy, but are you being constantly happy while watching your favorite show on the tv or you regret your decision to watch tv after?

To have fun, we usually choose the easiest things to do. Things that gives us instant gratification and pleasure. It could be watching TV, eating, playing video games or sleeping. In order to feel pride when you do something for fun, you have to do it the HARD way.

The HARD FUN way of doing things include doing something challenging that involves competition, engagement, focus and determination. To throw a few examples, it could be playing chess, sports, learning a language and crafting. Things that seem challenging and hard at first but with consistency, gives you the best pleasure possible along with pride.

That’s also the reason why I recently started learning to play Bansuri (Indian Flute) and I have to tell you, its no fun to learn. Constant off pitching off sound, controlling your fingers and not being able to play desired sound drives you nuts. But also what I realized is if I practice regularly, I start to enjoy the little accomplishments when I can play something right. It gives me the sense of progress and I don’t think the same feeling could be achieved if I didn’t take up on the challenge.

When you want to have fun, have it the hard way so you feel good about it.

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