Don’t Ignore the Obvious

Don’t Ignore the Obvious

What was the last time you had a problem with your phone and your friend said “try turning it off and back on” and you’re like “Dude seriously?”

The idea of rebooting something just to see if it fixes the problem is cliché, repetitive and highly recommended, why? because it WORKS 😀 most of time. I mean, who’s stupid when you actually reboot your phone and it fixes the problem.

The deep reason for that being that your phone reorganizes everything when it reboots. It restarts the firmware, BIOS, OS and the apps and reconfigures the hardware before injecting the saved settings and applying the preferences. Off-course a phone restart wouldn’t fix a broken screen, but that’s the go to option to try fixing the software problems in general.

It gets fascinating when it happens with our day to day life, when we encounter a problem or a slight inconvenience, we usually ignore the obvious. We start concluding the reason of our problem to be bizarre and peculiar just to find out later on that it was a mere consequence of our anger, anxiety, competence and knowledge.

I’m in no way saying problems or challenges couldn’t be complexed, I’m trying to setup a method of evaluating challenges or chaos in general that would lead us to better problem solving or improvement.

So the next time you feel something uneasy, try rebooting yourself to see if it works.


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