Create a Bridge Under a Barrier

Create a Bridge Under a Barrier

English is not my first language, It is Marathi, followed by Hindi which is one of the official languages of India, other being English. Languages has its own strange story in India.

India has 1600+ languages including mother tongues and dialects. That’s too many for a single country, explains the diversity of the country. Most of the Languages are originated from Sanskrit which is also classified as the most computer friendly languages in the world because of its vocabulary and inventory.

Continuing the strange story, Language is also tagged as a status symbol in India. If you’re fluent in the prominent language of English, you’re judged to be well educated and expected to know your ways. Basically, knowing, understanding and speaking English is a sign of complete education, wisdom and dominance in India.

For this specific reason, people are expected to speak in English in intellectual places like school, colleges, workplaces and social gatherings. They’re also highly judged to differ. India has this hierarchy of systematic language requirements along with ‘appropriate dressing’ and behavior.

The whole point of communication is to converse in a manner where the sender can communicate in a way the receiver can understand and therefore reciprocate. Inserting a clich√© line here which says ‘Language should be a bridge not a barrier’ but this line is half assed. Language should definitely be the bridge but preference and ease of communication plays and important role.

You should communicate in a way where you can articulate yourself better as well as making sure the receive understands what you’re articulating. As far as these two criteria’s are met, communication can be established and message could be imposed.

Its high time for us to stop treating language as a tyrannical requirement of obedience and start normalizing conversations where language preference is a thing.


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