Be Fearless When You Speak!

The sheer anxiety you feel in a room full of people when you have to give a speech, a presentation, a lecture or lay out your opinion, feels absolutely killing. That’s when you’re prepared enough but you still think of all the things that could go wrong in an instance.

Things like mispronouncing the words, missing your point, forgetting everything that you remembered and going blank are just few of those things. What I discovered in the recent times is that it’s not your fear of what can go wrong, it’s the fear of the possibility of it going wrong. Because most of the times things work out fine and we just think of all the bad possibilities for no reason. Then why the hustle?

The reason is probability, not the possibility. It’s possible that you can forget during a speech, but what’s the probability? and if it really happens, what’s the worst case scenario? would you stop everything all together, or you can take a calm pause and restart without everyone going crazy. Remember, its the positive feedback loop working here.

Another thing I discovered is that once you accept the possibilities of things happening and be okay with it, they fade off and you gain confidence to articulate yourself better. You become cognitive while delivering your speech or presentation. So the next time you’re in front of lots of people who in your head, are waiting to kill you if you make a mistake, just accept the possibilities and see how it feels. Just initiate your gig and you’d be surprised with the results.

By the way, starting this bit I’ll not be featuring an artistic illustration to decorate my writing. I feel it’s time consuming, not contributing and illogical.

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