Are You Ready to Sacrifice?

Are You Ready to Sacrifice?

In the medieval days as we know it, people use to sacrifice animals as a compensation to the god/devil for them to ease problems that are being cursed to the mankind. They tamed and pleased the almighty by beheading creatures that served the purpose of sacrifice.

This all sounds bullshit to the modern world but there was a reason the early humans kept on doing it. BECAUSE IT WORKED. Directly or indirectly, it solved many of the problems that the people were having although with time, knowledge, vision and thinking which they called miracle at the time.

But in today’s world, sacrifice works in a different way. We no longer present innocent creatures as a present to the authority in hope to bring good luck (if you’re a sensible human being). Imagine gifting a dead bunny to your boss requesting him to grant your leave (bitter sweet filling). The concept of sacrifices remains the same.

The universal rule dictates, in order to achieve or posses something, you have to sacrifice something that you love and head towards the goal and do whatever it takes to acquire it. If you want to loose fat, you have to sacrifice eating junk food no matter how much you crave for it. If you want health you have to sacrifice things that make it worse, quit smoking/drinking. If you want to learn something or focus on an important task, you have to sacrifice your gratifications, urges to stimulate your brain and procrastination. If you want to improve upon yourself you have to sacrifice your comfort zone, your limiting belief and self doubt.

New things (good or bad) can only be achieved when you sacrifice (most of the times something that pleases you). Then only things happen for you, mostly positive. Once you decide what you want to perceive and be very sure of it, the next thing on the list is to figure out what you can sacrifice for it and how much.


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