Before AI takes over

Before AI takes over

So I’m finally restarting to write after a long time. The last time I wrote, AI didn’t exist on such a large scale. Now I couldn’t easily written this blog post using ChatGPT. This is a start to a new revolution, a new order where man and machine could work together rather than machine working for man. It’s ambivalent to think of it in terms of feelings, ideas, predictions, estimations, plans and actions.

While writing this post, there are around 1700 AI tools available at commercial disposal. Tools focusing towards productivity, sales and marketing, image generation, content and novel creation in general. I’ll use this post as a time stamp to come back and see how it all started/ended. And planning to use images generated through midjourney (an AI tool on it’s v4 version) to generate images for my blog posts.

In the world where the past is now accumulated in LLM’s and future is far more unpredictable, I’m going to stick to writing using my hands and minds and maybe experiments with things along the way to keep my personal sanity and articulate my thoughts in a slower, digestible way.

Let it all begin… Again!

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