5 Steps to Turn Camera Shyness Into Boldness

5 Steps to Turn Camera Shyness Into Boldness

So you read an article to start vlogging because everyone else is doing or some of your peers suggest you to make video content on YouTube or you’re just trying to self brand and want to put yourself out there sharing your knowledge and merely communicating with people through video.

The problem is though, the moment you pick your phone to make a video of yourself, you suddenly get all the anxiety and anxiousness that could possibly be there refraining you from pressing the record button.

Then suddenly you have all these thoughts telling you that its not worth and maybe you should just stick to email marketing or liking other people videos on YouTube.

But WHY is it so hard? before I jump to the solution, I’ll bore you with some reasons to why this happens. Ever wondered why there’s hardly anybody that you see on the street is vlogging but on YouTube there are hundreds and thousands of content creators? There lived this guys called Enrico Fermi (Well not really just a random guy, he was a well known Italian-American physicist) who said there’s ton of evidence that there might be aliens living in the space but why haven’t we encountered any of that crazy stuff yet? so basically, if there are aliens (because there are billions of galaxies so the odds are very high) why don’t we see them. Similarly, just because you’re starting off and you think its awkward and people might laugh or they might judge, remember, you’re not the first one to do it.

Second thing that stops us from doing something new is our gut and our instincts. Like C’mon? Yes, our body and whole human psychology is designed to survive. Our brain is always trying to protect us from something new which as stupid as it may seem, is a defense strategy to stop us from getting into trouble. More about it in future posts.

So how do you really start showing finger to the anxiety that comes with the camera and make some videos? Let’s go step by step, super easy.

  1. Accept that you have anxiety and nervousness. Don’t suppress your emotions and how you feel, first accept the fact that you have all these thoughts, they’ll come, stay and soften overtime.
  2. Create your first video. Just film yourself talking to the camera, maybe a speech or something. The video doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact it has to be terrible you have to expect that from the outcome. This will give you a subtle release of dopamine that you need moving forward.
  3. Create a WhatsApp group. Yes, now we’re talking business. Create a group (if you don’t use WhatsApp use any other application where you can create chat groups) and add 3 of your friends or close relatives who you usually interact with on a daily basis and they wouldn’t mind listening to your bullshit on a daily basis. Now post your videos in this group on a daily basis. Videos could be about your morning schedule, what you had for lunch or what you’re doing in the evening. The idea is to articulate yourself visually in a video and share it with people which feels like you’re showing your life to the public.
  4. After a couple of weeks start doing the same with Instagram stories or on Facebook (before its dead) and you should be off to a pretty good start. By this time, people might also engage with you if you ask questions or ask them to deliver their responses through videos.
  5. Consistency is the key, do it for weeks, months before you’re confident enough to slay the camera like a bunny and become a content creator.

That is it for today, I’m being consistent with my writings, I hope you’re consistent with your videos.

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