Avoid Phone Distraction

Avoid Phone Distraction

It’s funny how telephones long ago were connected via wires and slowly we moved into wireless landlines and mobile phones. The Idea was to make the telephone service mobile and on the go. But soon enough we landed into the smartphone era and once again our phones are hooked to the wall chargers. No matter if you have a 6000mAh or a 10000mAh battery in your phone, chances are that you’re charging your phone at least once a day.

We have to charge our phones because we use our phones a lot even when we’re not using it. The apps running constantly in the background drains your battery like crazy. The worst part? because the apps run in the background, it has the ability to notify you about a new message, email or any other event. Notifications are a way other people are trying to steal your time and every time we’re falling for it, we’re giving our time away.

There’s this challenge that you can take to improve your productivity and work focus. This challenge gets the important stuff done while not caring about anything else that pops up on your phone. How it works is you charge your phone to 100% along with your colleagues or friends and then survive the longest without draining your phone battery. Whoever lasts longer without a dead phone wins.

Tips to last longer (pun intended)

  1. Turn off background apps and services
  2. Turn off the location service
  3. Move all of your distracting app in a single folder away from the home screen
  4. Let your phone go to sleep faster
  5. Decrease the brightness level to the darkest possible

And there you have it, a bare minimum phone which receives and makes calls. Good enough for you to get important phone calls and be less distracted when working. Perform these challenge once a week in your office place or with friends.

Artwork: https://dribbble.com/shots/5680966-Instagram-Workout

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