An App That Inspires You Every Morning

An App That Inspires You Every Morning

Imagine you wake up every morning and unlock your phone. The first thing you see is a message that deliberately tells you why you exist, why you started and why you should keep pushing forward today. How inspiring is that?

Most of us start our day with our phone. Checking messages, emails and Instagram is one of the few things. If you’re organized enough, you’d also invest into meditation and some time alone to plan the day. I’m proposing an app Idea where you can scrape out the users information based on their data and give them a curated quote to inspire them to start the day.

How it will work is something like this: We’ll take the calendar data (meetings, calls, and events), email data (Achievements, orders, plans etc) and Social media data (Birthdays, life events, sweet moments) and use machine learning to organize and interpret this data in the form of inspiring messages.

Every morning, when you open a phone, the app gives you a message “Hey Alex, congratulations on closing that deal yesterday, let’s go full pace today” or “Good morning Megan, last year this time you had only $100 in your account, look where you’re now, let’s make it even better today”

Now I know, its rather of a silly app idea and people might not go gaga over it, but it could be a sweet plugin integration to a self care app or an organization app. The point of this app would be to help solve the problem with self doubt and inspiration.

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