They Don’t Pay Me to Make Templates

They Don’t Pay Me to Make Templates

So we currently make animated videos for companies trying to explain their products better or market their services using video campaigns. Now there are lots of free tools and video automation websites that let’s you create your own animated videos using premade templates which users can mix and match to get the final output.

The problem is, everything is predefined. Yes, you can customize the templates and add few things here and there, but the end result is going to look repeated in many aspects. That’s because you’re limited to your thinking and the template just allows you to do certain things without letting you go all out on the imagination and what you have in mind for the video.

But aren’t templates something we’ve been following all our lives? In school we have to follow guidelines for studying, sports, proving yourself in exams and getting grades. All were treated equal. The different paced learners where treated equally. Grades were used to judge intelligence and low graders were demotivated.

Not just school. The society sets templates for us with the age guidelines. 15-20 years get in a good college with a fancy degree, 20-25 get a good job with nice salary, 25-30 get married and have give maybe? You don’t decide most of the things you want to do in life, they’re PREDEFINED!

Well that’s where we come in, when we work with clients, we try to understand what they specifically want in the video. What THEY think is the best way to explain their product (Because they know better about their product that anybody else) and then we do our magic to sketch everything that they want, formulate it in a nice storyboard, add in our own creative thinking and get animating.

For all this trouble, they pay us a lot more than what you’d pay a ‘do it yourself’ website. You know why? because its unique, it’s curated and it’s special. The value of anything goes ten fold when it’s delivered personally, not from a template. We chose to be different, personally and business wise, and that’s why they don’t pay me to make templates.


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