The Lie About Corporates

The Lie About Corporates

We’re often told that going into corporate is going to destroy you. Be ready to work afterhours, chase targets, get dissed at, and work in an absolutely competitive environment. No wonder school and colleges prepare you for so called “corporate” jobs by training you to be disciplined, follow instructions, be respectful even if you don’t have to, and compete with your peers.

Though some or most of the companies out there work this way, where they hire in bulk, assign tasks like crazy and demand insane productivity, These are also the firms who doesn’t give a fuck about you. They don’t care who you are, what you feel, what your plans are. All they care about are the results and productivity they can milk out of you. And for the ‘give a fuck’ gesture, they’d give you life and health insurance included to make you feel you’re worth something.

While this is true at an extent, why do you have to aim for such companies? Where you’ll be constantly subjugated by tyrant bosses and mangers peeing on your head all day long. Offcourse competition, because if you don’t take this job, someone else might snatch it from you.

But this is also true that there are so many companies that have a great work culture. They promote creativity, emotional labor, ethics and all the other good stuff. Most of them are startups. Now if you value your peace more than the salary in your account, you should give these companies a shot. They require creative people and thinkers. Something that you might want for yourself. Apart from that the growth rate is quite promising when you work for these types of companies.

So the next time someone tries to fool you about the corporate world, remember, its not that bad. Just how the world is full of shit and great people, so are the companies where you’d end up working. You just have to choose your problems, you have to choose your second home.


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