The Future of Gaming is Not Expensive!

The Future of Gaming is Not Expensive!

The gaming industry has been skyrocketing lately, and will continue to do so for the next decade. Consoles are going to get better and expensive (or not?) and gaming accessories will have an equal share of price spikes and performance.

But hardware based gaming will really be the future or the internet could do some tricks?

Well it does make sense and its no surprise that online gaming through cloud hardware would be convenient and cheap of players to play their favorite games without having to pay top dollar for gaming hardware. I mean, just imagine being able to play high res maxed out graphics games on your potato computer without having to spend $1500+ of a new PC!

Besides all you need is a good internet connection and bandwidth. The future of gaming is definitely cloud because the gaming market is growing at the rate of 9.24 percent CAGR. Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and Xbox cloud are already in the race and its not surprising that these players would be the first to introduce full fledged cloud gaming.

The problem is though, and this is the problem every gamer would realize, that cloud is not strong enough to play competitive games. You buy a 144hz+ monitor just to decrease the mere latency that comes from your gaming hardware (you still get shot in the head but that’s besides the point) so you’re not going to settle or high pings, data latency and dropped frames which is an issue not with cloud gaming.

For this to work properly, the server doesn’t have to be top notch but the receiver does, which is you. If you don’t have 1 GBPS 20nano second ping internet yet, you might not be able to get 16+ kills in Fortnite that you do now.

This is also possible if better internet is dispatched on a large scale across the world, but what really is better? can fiber optic internet connections which is use now can become a really good medium for cloud gaming? or do we need something else.

Conclusion: No doubt cloud gaming is the future for gaming in general, but it has a long way to go before the technology reaches the peers to be able to play various games on cross platforms and devices and have a good time. We don’t need better servers, we need better connection or data format.


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