Next Stop, Podcasts

Next Stop, Podcasts

Audio books have started picking up in India. It’s quite easy to commute or work while having an audio book running in the background. It’s not an obvious focal point but you do understand a thing or two while listening to one. We Indians are listening to radio forever. We still have transistors everywhere where people still listen to radio stations as their non conscious entertainer and news source.

Maybe that’s why people find it easy to adopt to audio books and audio infotainment in general. Podcasts is something that I’m recently seeing good amount of interest for. People would jam up an interview session or a general podcast when they’re driving, cooking or doing the usual morning business.

I think podcasting is going to boom in India and all over the world if not already. Also taking consideration the effort it takes to teach, educate, articulate or formulate certain information that may seem valuable to someone that gives a shit about it. If we drive towards stories, having an audio que of the events while making your brain draw the imaginative story is really creative because the possibilities of your brain drawing certain things on a topic is endless.

Podcasts is a great way to connect with people in a more focused and formal way. I’d like to see podcasts being generalized for stories, tutorials and education. On that note I’m not sure if I’ll start a podcast myself, but the idea of it sounds really interesting.


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